HPC Admin Day and HPC.NRW Meeting

The HPC Admin Day was established in 2017 to facilitate the discussion of technical issues among HPC-experts from the state of NRW. As usual, the agenda included status reports from all HPC-centers and the definition of the main topics for the follow-up event. The thematic focus was an open exchange with on operational monitoring and a presentation by Björn Hagemeier from Forschungszentrum Jülich on data transfer between HPC-centers. After eight virtual events, the hybrid format and interaction with the HPC.NRW meeting deserves a special mention. The participants were warmly welcomed at the University of Duisburg-Essen and very well looked after throughout the day of the event. The response of the 51 participants, the majority of whom were present, was positive and suggested that future meetings should continue to be held in person and with an extended range of topics. During the HPC.NRW meeting, the "lessons learned" from the first funding phase were discussed and there was an exchange about what the second funding phase has in store, including a discussion about the new requirements specified in the state concept HPC.

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