Support is a top priority: HPC.NRW offers extensive support for HPC users in all areas. While all universities in NRW offer low-threshold access to HPC through local consulting services and adapted documents, the cooperation of the individual facilities on different levels provides added value for the centers themselves and for the users. The common, NRW-wide HPC helpdesk helps to promote the exchange among each other and to solve problems efficiently.

In addition to the basic support services provided by the HPC.NRW competence network, challenging research projects are also supported with the help of a thematic and demand-oriented consulting clustering in the field of high-performance computing.

The HPC Wiki is an important source of HPC knowledge. It represents an elementary part of HPC.NRW and is a long-term continuing education initiative of HPC users in relevant HPC topics across all universities in NRW.

HPC.NRW offers support for HPC communities also outside the competence network. All members of the twelve HPC.NRW sites can contact their local helpdesk if there are questions or problems in the context of High Performance Computing. Employees of public research institutions can also contact us directly via

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