Introducttory Courses in the Operation of the NRW HPC-Clusters

The following courses are available to facilitate user access to the HPC-clusters available in North Rhine-Westphalia:


EventLocationDateWeitere Informationen
PPCESRWTH Aachen UniversityannuallyThe course covers the basics of parallel programming with OpenMP and MPI in Fortran and C/C++ and a first step towards performance optimization. More Info.
aixCelerateRWTH Aachen UniversityannuallyIntroduction to High Performance Computing. More Info
High Performance ComputingRuhr-Universität Bochumavailable on requestTeaching High Performance Computing. 
High Performance ComputingHeinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorfavailable on requestIndividual HPC introduction courses or for advanced HPC users.  More Info
High Performance ComputingUniversität zu Kölnavailable on requestHigh Performance Computing (Introduction to HPC, CHEOPS Cluster).  More Info.
ParallelprogrammierungUniversität zu Kölnavailable on requestParallel Programming (Introduction to parallel architectures and programming models (OpenMP, MPI). More Info
High Performance ComputingUniversität Münster

every semester,one lecture during the lecture-free period

Introduction to the common programming paradigms OpenMP and MPI, which can be used to parallelize C/C++ and Fortran programs.  More Info

HPC Introduction Courses

Universität Paderborn6 x per yearAccess computing resources (CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs) available at the Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC²), application computing resources, access to the computer cluster systems at the PC². More Info
Linux Introduction CourseUniversität Paderborn6 x per yearBasic Linux knowledge, command line text editors, basic Bash scripting and tools. More Info

Advanced Topics of HPC Course

Universität Paderborn3 x per yearAccess to compute resources on PC², CPU and cluster architectures, high performance libraries and compilers, as well as profiling, debugging and memory leak detection.  More Info
Performance Engineering CoursesUniversität Paderborn2 x per year

Access to the HPC cluster systems at PC².Basics of CPU microarchitecture, Introduction to OpenMP.  More Info

Linux-Einführungskurs (mit HPC-Fokus) Universität SiegenannuallyBasics of Linux operation via command line.  More Info
MATLAB - Parallelisierung und Performance Universität SiegenannuallyParallelization and performance. More Info
Cluster-Einführungskurs Universität Siegenannually

Basic concepts of high performance computing, access to the cluster, working with the cluster. More Info

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