The HPC Wiki

The HPC Wiki is a great source of HPC knowledge. It represents a fundamental  part of HPC.NRW and offers  long-term training of HPC users in relevant topics across all universities in North Rhine-Westphalia. 

The HPC Wiki offers the following and more:


The HPC Wiki is an integral part of HPC.NRW: As a platform it offers the long-term education of HPC users, HPC developers and HPC admins in all relevant topics, regardless of the respective affiliation.

The publicly available HPC Wiki is a site-independent HPC documentation. This means that all specific information about individual computing centers in different locations is bundled in the site specific section. All other articles should be kept as general and site-independent as possible.

The website is designed as a community effort in the sense that everyone is welcome to improve or contribute new content. A lightweight control system is in place to prevent abuse.


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