Universities of Applied Sciences


All members of the universities in NRW have the possibility to get access to the HPC resources of the three Tier-2 sites Aachen, Cologne and Paderborn. We are happy to support you in applying for computing time and to clarify questions about the respective high-performance computers (e.g. handling, available software, hardware). Simply send an e-mail to support@hpc.nrw.

You also have the possibility to register for our mailing list, which has been set up especially for universities of applied sciences. You can do this here: https://lists.rwth-aachen.de/postorius/lists/haw-nrw.lists.rwth-aachen.de/ 

  • A rough overview of the offers you can be informed about via the mailing list can be found here:
  • Courses on programming languages (e.g. C++, Python, Julia) at different levels.
  • Courses directly related to HPC (e.g. parallelization, code optimization, Linux systems, neural networks, GPUs)
  • A wiki page with numerous entries and tutorials (video and text) 
  • Advice on the optimal use of available computing resources
  • Advice and support regarding access to suitable high-performance computers
  • Support in the use of scientific software
  • Support in the initial use of high-performance computers (e.g. for theses)
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