Cross-Community Support-Teams

HPC.NRW offers support across HPC communities, even those outside of the competence network. All members and affiliates of the twelve HPC.NRW sites can contact their local helpdesk in case of questions and problems in the area of high performance computing. Anyone working at a public research institute in Germany can also contact directly.

As an example, HPC.NRW may help with a performance or correctness analysis of specific computational task. Please refer to the list of competences, to get a complete picture of the topics available. Researches can request access to one of the Tier 3 or Tier 2 sites, if they require computational resources for their research.

HPC.NRW also offers in-depth consultations for research projects that need advice in HPC-related areas.

The publicly available HPC Wiki provides resources about cluster usage and administration to anyone interested in HPC. Our tutorials are also accessible to the public.

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